Authentic language learning and ReLANpro; a good fit

Various studies show that students exposed to authentic foreign language materials are better able to use the foreign language input in real-life situations and have a more positive attitude towards learning about the different culture. However, some students may experience anxiety or frustration due to a lack of confidence or understanding, which could negatively impact their receptiveness to authentic material.

This blog post will explain how these feelings can easily be prevented, as we believe that using authentic materials in language learning is a must.

With the help of modern technology students will receive the tools and support they need to optimize their learning experience. The ability to use 21st century learning technology (preferably students’ own devices) and video (lots of it) will positively affect students’ engagement and attitude towards language learning.

Our software has been designed so that a teacher can use any video (including YouTube content) for immediate translation and to insert comments and subtitling.  Examples can be seen here. No authoring tools are required and therefore the functionality is 100% preparation free.

ReLANpro’s unique gap button has finally simplified these formerly time consuming features. This not only benefits teachers; it also streamlines the student learning experience. Pressing the gap button creates a space (gap) for the student’s input/response. Every time the student activates the gap button an automatic bookmark is generated for easy grading later on.

The student can take as much time as they need to perform these authentic exercises (Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device) and repeat the hard parts until they feel comfortable to present the input to the teacher. This can alleviate the anxiety and frustration that could occur when using authentic materials.

ReLANpro opens the world of video for teachers:

  • Any video – stored locally or online – can be used
  • Grading the student is quick and easy thanks to the automatic bookmark feature
  • Feedback can be recorded in a mouse click using the “gap button”
  • Written feedback is included as a standard feature
  • ReLANpro also includes functionalities for reading and writing exercises

The authentic cloud learning experience leaves teachers in full control while students can access their materials at any time and define their own learning experience.

Can life as a teacher really be that great? Engaging your students while saving on precious preparation time? How do I test drive this? We can answer all of these questions in a personalized demonstration, or you can start implementing the ReLANpro Bring Your Own Language Lab technology for free.

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For ReLANpro

Ralf Porankiewicz, CEO