Content is king. Not only in marketing, but also in teaching

“Don’t open your textbooks today. We’ll be watching Tres metros sobre el cielo. Yes, in Spanish.”

‘Three meters above heaven’ is the story of a troubled young Spaniard who falls in love with an upper-middle-class girl. An engaging story that students can relate to.

Now, imagine the response from your students after this announcement. Then imagine achieving this effect over and over again, with every class.

21st Century Language Learning
Of course student life is not all sunshine and great movies, but in his new radio show ‘Tea with BVP’ Bill VanPatten hit the nail right on the head: it’s all about what you teach. That fully reflects ReLANpro’s view on 21st Century Learning.

YouTube has long overtaken traditional television as the most important source of video content for teenagers. A lot of teachers show YouTube videos in class, however, they often merely function as a listening exercise.

In my presentations across the United States I dare teachers to let students select their own videos. By then they’ve overcome the biggest hurdle: engagement. After adding the students’ choices to the ReLANpro software, teachers can immediately create an assignment.

Let me give you a few examples.


Ask students to subtitle the video using our software, combining listening and writing. ReLANpro allows subtitling in any language and each student’s subtitle is saved online. See how it works.

Teachers can also choose to subtitle the content themselves, letting students use the same video as a listening and reading exercise.


ReLANPro’s unique GAP button allows recording in any video. The moment the GAP button is pushed, the video stops, but recording continues, enabling students to insert a translation or comment. An example can be seen here.


All subtitles and recordings will be saved in the cloud. The automatic bookmark function will guide you through the video to make grading quick and easy. You can even record feedback where needed.

Simple and effective – free – language learning software
We at ReLANpro love languages. Most of us are fluent in at least 3, so we are well aware of how hard it is to acquire a new language. Therefore we are committed to creating language learning software that ensures a simple and effective language learning experience.

We are here to help and will gladly show you how easy it is to use our free software. This year we will be exhibiting at ACTFL in San Diego on November 20-22 (Booth 1012), with a presentation in Workshop room 1 on Saturday November 21st at 1.30 PM.

Look out for a session called BYOLL (Bring Your Own Language Lab). I would love to welcome you there.


Until next time…


Ralf Porankiewicz,