Manual AP testing is over. Digital ReLANpro Exam starting at $995

Not using a language lab? You must be recording AP tests manually and are most likely not aware of how easy accommodating this exam could be. You might currently be trying to decide what the best way is to stream the original test CD – via the network or using a regular boom box while you record each individual student through free recording software. Perhaps you use dictation devices or even cassettes to get the job done.

After recording you have to burn each student answer to an individual CD and send them on for evaluation.

If you are tired of this cumbersome process, then read on.

ReLANpro has been facilitating digital AP Language Testing for more than a decade. Our software allows you to test as many students as you want at the same time, in four simple steps:

1) Click “exam”

2) Click “play” to start the CD that was provided with the AP exam

3) Click “record”

4) After the exam, click “stop”

You can now save all student answers to separate MP3 files.

This is what using ReLANpro Exam comes down to, demonstrated in this short video.

We assist our clients in using their ReLANpro Language Lab for this specific purpose. And ReLANpro has made AP Testing very affordable: from only $995 per year you will be able to administer the AP exam with user-friendly software that requires hardly any technical skills.

Training and installation can be performed online within minutes – in short, it takes about as long as the demonstration video.

ReLANpro Exam provides any high school with the tools to test their students in a more user-friendly, efficient, and stable way.

For more information, or to test the new ReLANpro Exam, contact us at

Until next time for ReLANpro….

Ralf Porankiewicz