BYOLL: Bring Your Own Language Lab.

The World’s Most Affordable Language Lab

Student’s use their own devices so save massively on hardware, server and maintenance cost. No need for a dedicated computer room. Students can install their free App from the App stores on their smartphone’s and tablets. On the ReLANpro Cloud server they can download the software on their PC, laptop, Chromebook or MacBook.

Free license available for every school/university

Apply now for your free license for 1 teacher and 30 students. Once you have experienced ReLANpro BYOLL you might want to offer this to all your students.

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Students prefer their personal device to a school computer

Students are more comfortable working with their own devices; they care for them properly and are unlikely to cause mischievous damage. What’s more, teachers will no longer be involved with managing technical issues or headsets – students can just use their own earphones.

See how it works in this 1 minute video!

Fluency: Speaking, listening and comparison

Getting practice speaking a language is critical to successful learning. This can often be a difficult task in the classroom where teachers can only converse with one student at a time. More importantly, the student does not get the opportunity to listen back to themselves and compare their speech to a native speaker. ReLANpro BYOLL solves these language classroom problems and more. Students can practise on their own device inside the classroom and also complete exercises at home giving them 24/7 access to language learning materials.

Accuracy: Teacher feedback, right on the spot

As a teacher you want to be able to give feedback to your students, preferably right after a mistake. In ReLANpro BYOLL All student responses have quick access bookmarks. With just a few clicks you can listen to an answer and insert your comments wherever they are needed. Students can see at a glance when your corrections are available.

A language lab without technical issues!

ReLANpro BYOLL works anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Students have their own devices so no more wasting time troubleshooting school computers and headsets!

Unique voice-insert function

ReLANpro’s GAP button opens a world of possibilities – without any preparation time students and teachers can add spoken comments to any audio or video file. Students can record themselves responding to a native speaker, listen back to their own voice and learn by comparing themselves to the original.

Added value without added work

Teachers can insert questions into a topical news report, prompt students to translate sentences of a poem, carry out a mock job interview or simply add an introduction or instructions – just by clicking ReLANpro’s GAP button.
Sending out your webcam recording or screen recording in combination with your voice is easy too!

Activating and motivating teaching

Enhance the learning process by enabling students to have actual conversations in their target language, improve listening and written skills with video subtitling.

Automated Bookmarks with every recording

All student recordings will be automatically highlighted with a green icon. As a teacher you can use these bookmarks to quickly listen, correct and leave feedback.
Your feedback will also be automatically bookmarked with a blue icon so your students can skip quickly to your comments.

Free demo

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