Training is going really well. The software is even better than I thought. Nice quality for the pairing and great usability. And yes, thanks for accommodating my multiple choice max. David is very patient with all of us, and a real talent in knowing his audience. Great choice. And I love the headphones!!! Thanks for the support you have given us. Much appreciated. It’s been a pleasure working with David. Eva Norling,
French & German Instructor, WL Program Chair

David, The foreign language teachers who attended today’s training were extremely impressed with the new system and with your teaching. They really appreciated how you taught in small chunks and provided lots of hands on time for them. I’m extremely optimistic that this system will be well used. Larry Kahn, Chief Technology Officer, The Kinkaid School

Dear David, I am Violeta Castillo from the Digital Language Lab in Montgomery College, Rockville Campus in MD. I would very much appreciate if you send me the wonderful Relanpro videos that you have created. For what you were saying and briefly showing some of the Relanpro features, it seems to me, that your company has thought of every technical difficulty that could arise when using the software. They have thought not only of difficulties, but also making the software user friendly. You and all the people that are involved in the development and functionality of the Relanpro software have done a wonderful job! Thank you for making this software easy for us.
Violeta Castillo, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus in MD

You didn’t hear from me because it worked great! I am happy. (Using the ReLANpro update) Marion Clauser, Lake Zurich IL

The new interface is very user-friendly. The larger size of the icons and buttons makes navigating through the software much easier. Having frequently used features visible at all times is really convenient. The Windows 7 version is very fast.
Chuck Wilson,Technology Specialist,The John Carroll School

“The lab forces me to speak more Spanish and listen to myself which helps me learn much quicker.”
“It’s funner!”
“It’s more exciting than worksheets.”
“It just seems easier to learn in the lab.”
Students from Willard High School.

Since we’ve had the ReLANpro lab, students are able to pay closer attention to what they’re hearing since they are not distracted so easily by using the headsets. They also hear the audio clearer since what they hear is not dependant on where they sit, as it would be in a regular classroom. They get more speaking practice in the lab and the lab environment forces them to work on what I’ve selected for them to do. I can give then a choice of different things to do within the time they are in the lab, which is controlled freedom. There are times when they get to choose the order in which the various parts of the lessons are done and they like that.
Susan Parrish, Department Head, Willard High School

As you know, we have been very happy with the ReLANpro lab system as it has enabled us to work with students using audio, video and writing interactively both in class time and for homework assignments. We are especially pleased that students can record either in class or independently so that teachers can pick up their work from the office when they have time to review it. The ReLANpro system enables us to bring satellite television broadcasts as well as the Internet directly to student positions. We can also offer networked language programs such as Eurotalk in many different languages, to support class work and homework in languages we regularly teach as well as those we offer only occasionally. The combination of options available to the teacher makes it possible for us to offer a variety of different types of exercises in classes, with teachers and students able to learn the system relatively quickly compared to other systems we looked at before purchasing the ReLANpro.
Dr. Duncan Charters, Professor of Foreign Languages, Principia College

The ASC Lab is user friendly and the staff is extremely supportive. The lab provides students with the opportunity to self assess their skills by recording their responses and listening to themselves while in the lab or at home. Performing vocabulary drills in groups or in pairs can sometimes be intimidating for some students, therefore, I have seen improvement in collaboration as students can use the headphones to talk to other students in the classroom. We have been able to minimize the time spent during our chapter unit audio tape comprehension drills. Students can also view video clips and create stories from multiple on-line activities. The lab is also compatible with other languages which has made it a true learning experience for our Chinese, Japanese, and Korean teachers. This lab has been a lifesaver and truly a dynamic educational experience here at Northside.
The World Language Team, Northside College Preparatory High School

The ReLANpro lab has improved the auditory comprehension of the students at NCHS. The support staff at ASC Direct are courteous, knowledgeable and prompt.”
Eric Kaisling, Foreign Language Teacher, Naperville Central High School

The ReLANpro lab has helped promote speaking proficiency in all of the languages at NCHS. The ReLANpro has facilitated individualized research on the Internet at the upper levels.
Margaret Barz, Foreign Language Teacher, Naperville Central High School

The ReLANpro lab promotes differentiated instruction by meeting the needs of each and every student.
Ignacio Gamboa, Coordinator of World and Classical Languages,
Naperville Central High School

Our ReLAN Pro language lab from ASC Direct has been a powerful tool for our language lab coordinator. She can quickly and easily distribute various assignments, video, and audio clips around the lab allowing our students to spend more time learning and less time waiting for materials. The pairing functions allow students to interact easily and the software allows full control of the machines at all times.
Joseph Landgraf, Voice and Data Network Administrator,
Ladue High School Technology Center

Our ReLANpro lab has allowed our students to use the most up to date technology to improve their speaking and listening skills. Access to the Internet has facilitated the use of on-line textbook support materials, and the pairing/group functions make it possible for students to have creative conversations and interactions with other class members. We are in the second year of using the ReLANpro, and we know that it will do many things that we haven’t even managed to try yet. We look forward to using it even more effectively in the future.
Carol Carinci, Head of the Foreign Language Department, Ladue High School

At HPHS we use the RelanPro to deliver a variety of opportunities for students to interact with the target language. In our language lab there are typically 30 students completing a wide range of different listening comprehension activities. Our Students visit our lab during their free periods or before or after school. Under the supervision of our lab aide students are able to work independently in our RelanPro lab to access audio files that have been saved to the RelanPro system or are located online. Students can individually adjust the speed of an audio file to accommodate their learning needs. Students can practice pronunciation and speaking as well. Our use of RelanPro supports our belief that individualized interaction with spoken native language enhances development of listening comprehension skills in a way that classroom instruction and activities alone cannot.
Barb Harvey, Highland Park High School

AP administration was greatly facilitated by the use of our RELANPRO. Recording and downloading to CD’s has never been this easy.

“The RELANPRO lab allows teachers to differentiate according to the needs of learners. This aligns with what we know about the acquisition of language. No two learners are alike.”

“The ease with which students can make and save sound recordings allows teachers to create a personal audio portfolio for each student.”
Lou Ann Erikson, Deerfield High School

Teachers are really excited about the ReLANpro. They can’t believe they don’t have to tote a 40 pound bag of tapes home every night.
Terry Martin, Lab Director at Texas Tech

We are very excited to have the lab at Northside. It is even greater to work with all of you and receive the support you have given us in order to take advantage of all the wonderful features the lab has to offer. Thank you.
The World Language Team, Northside College Preparatory High School

It takes time and patience to become familiar with the new technology, but students and teachers will be pleased with the changes. I think the students have responded to the new facility rather well and they want to go to the lab all the time. Our teaching and learning methodologies are literally being transformed through using the equipment. This is good quality equipment and easy to control.”
Katherine Velez, Department Head, Kirksville High School

Our new ReLANpro Language Labs, from ASC Direct Inc. have provided an opportunity for our Spanish, French and German students at the high school and middle school to experience an increase in the time they can actually be speaking the language. It is exciting to walk into the lab and hear all the student voices speaking in the language. The teachers have done an excellent job of learning the lab in a short period of time, because the interface has been easy to learn!”
Cheryl Ward, Department Head, Perry High and Middle Schools

I was only a little surprised to get your messages last night. I know you have always been extremely prompt and thorough in responding,” said Cheryl Flinn, Business Manager at Ridgewood High School, after receiving a communication from an ASC customer support specialist after normal business hours.

After finishing their AP Spanish test, students at Oak Creek High School, Oak Creek, Wisconsin say, “we wouldn’t have scored so well if we hadn’t had the new lab.”

There is significant improvement in AP scores since we have had the ReLANpro lab.
Lisa Barrett, AP coordinator, Oak Creek High School, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

I love the language lab because it allows my students to push themselves to new levels of speaking. They are excited to communicate with their friends using the technology. I love the fact that oral assessments that used to take 3 class periods, now take only 10 minutes. In the end, our students have more opportunity to practice and gain much more confidence in their language abilities.
Susan Tucknott, Spanish Teacher at Oak Creek High Schook, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

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