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The ReLANpro is a software-based media lab that operates via your school’s Local Area Network and offers a suite of features focusing on language training and computer training. Since the ReLANpro is software based, many of the concerns of the IT department and school’s physical plant are eliminated since the system relies on the school’s LAN (Local Area Network) to operate. No special installation procedures (cable routing, etc.) are required.


The ReLANpro can be installed in an existing computer lab, a dedicated room, or campus-wide.


Features and capabilities

  • Instant Record facility:  Instant Record feature: With the click of a button the teacher’s voice is recorded/saved and automatically date and time stamped. The language teacher is the student’s most reliable source.
  • Gap creator:Makes all Windows© an MAC© based audio and video material suitable for language lab use. Enables two-track recording for instant use, playback and analysis at all times. Numerous varieties, like translating songs or comedies makes language learning fun.
  • Audio Pairing: With the click of a button the teacher can pair and group students together for conversational practice. Both fixed and random pairing is available. Paired audio communication can be recorded for later use, playback and analysis.
  • Visual Pairing: Visual clues such as facial expressions and body language increase aural comprehension in the target language. ReLANpro is the only language lab to offer this unique feature. Just as in Audio Pairing, these interactions are easily recorded to create a digital file.
  • Video Conference: Up to four students can be connected in a video conference using Visual Pairing. Each person appears in a separate window and all can be viewed simultaneously – perfect for group interaction!
  • Oral examination: The Student Recorder allows teachers to administer oral examinations in the computer lab. Student recordings are saved as MP3 files.
  • Accessibility: ReLANpro can be installed onto the school’s existing server granting students access from any computer in the school’s network.
  • Cloud integration: ReLANpro integrates seamlessly with our Cloud Server. The teacher’s content will be accessible from the ReLANpro Language Lab and the cloud.

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Benefits for Teachers

  • The ReLANpro is easy to use and will enhance their ability to teach languages.
  • The ReLANpro can be used to teach curriculum other than languages including computer studies.
  • The ReLANpro can be kept up to date and managed by the school’s IT personnel eliminating “outside contractors”.
  • Training for the use of the ReLANpro is available initially on site, and supplemental training can be done online.

Benefits for Administration and Budget

  • The ReLANpro is less expensive than a “fixed” language lab yet more powerful.
  • The ReLANpro has no moving parts so is not subject to the same mechanical failures as analog systems.
  • The ReLANpro can be used to train students in many disciplines.
  • The ReLANpro can be maintained by a district’s own IT personnel. Educators will be attracted to advanced technology and will stay within the district, rather than look for another job in a “high tech” school district.
  • The school’s new lab(s) will attract new students to the school/district.
  • Schools and/or districts become community “technology” leaders. This is a great advantage when communities see where their bond monies and/or taxes have been spent in the pursuance of “excellence of education”.
  • • Parents are supportive of new technology which prepares their children for a world job market. Happy parents contribute to the well being of their own offspring, the school they attend, and the community at large.
  • The ReLANpro can be added to an existing computer lab
  • The ReLANpro is easy to move, should the need arise

Benefits for IT Personnel

  • The ReLANpro is software based so the IT personnel can maintain and upgrade the lab themselves
  • Since there is no “mechanical” installation, rooms do not need to be “torn up” to facilitate a new system
  • The ReLANpro can be easily added to an existing computer lab
  • The IT personnel can monitor the functionality of the system from their office
ReLANpro has been specially designed to integrate into existing IT facilities. It utilizes standard Windows file management and control tools, including remote control, making it easy for teachers to use.

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