The best language lab headset on the market

The core of any language lab for more than 50 years has been the ability to speak and to listen to your own voice. To accomplish this, a high quality headset is necessary.

  • ReLANpro headsets have a long life expectancy and therefore, in the long run, they are more cost effective than other headsets
  • Just plug into any available USB port with perfect audio quality
  • There are no problems re-using the ReLANpro headset when replacing computers
  • newNew mini-jack cable makes your headset iPhone and iPad compatible


Features and advantages

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State-of-the-Art sound quality

Our ReLANpro headsets are an all “pro” no “con” situation. Unbeknownst to most, today’s computers do not provide what is considered to be a “state of the art” quality sound recording; they often have less than great sound cards. To counteract this, simply use a USB headset. The USB soundcard will atone for any lack in professional sound quality of the computer and thus assure AP test quality recordings and playbacks.

Fully covered ears with directional microphone

To utilize the language lab to its fullest potential, student recordings should be of only their own voice, so their ears need to be completely covered in order to have extraneous sounds removed. By utilizing a high quality directional microphone, the students will only hear their own voices during playback.

Flexible for Perfect Fit

Flexibility allows the headset to fit the head as snugly as possible, so the ears are completely covered and the microphone can be placed directly in front of the student’s mouth. Students can speak in a normally and still produce a high quality recording without disturbing other students. In playback mode they will hear their own voice recorded in crystal clear sound, and be able to compare their recording to the master track for confirmation or adjustment.

Teacher override of volume control

To assure that a teacher can actually talk to a student via the headset, it is important for the teacher to be able to set and control both teacher and student volumes. Having a volume control on student headsets can be problematic since students then have the ability to make changes that can adversely affect recordings and the teacher’s ability to communicate with them.

Teacher microphone switch control

In order to avoid recording issues, any professional educational headset should not include the ability to turn on or off the microphone, so students cannot change the setting.

Cable length and cord connection

If students were to stand up suddenly, the cable should be long enough to allow for this without having the cable become unplugged.

Cables with USB plugs can be easily switched out for replacement.

mini-jacknewNew mini-jack cable makes your headset iPhone and iPad compatible. For further information contact our dealers

Reliable and nearly indestructible

ReLANPro headsets are reliable. Given the amount of time a teacher has with students, the loss of time using an unreliable headset is not acceptable. ReLANPro headsets are made of Teflon making them virtually indestructible; they can be dropped on the floor numerous times without breaking. They come with a one-year warranty against defect.
For further information contact our dealers