Unique voice insert function

ReLANpro’s GAP button opens a world of possibilities – without any preparation time students and teachers can add spoken comments to any audio or video file. Students can record themselves responding to a native speaker, listen back to their own voice and learn by comparing the original.
Teachers can insert questions into a topical news report, prompt students to translate sentences of a poem, carry out a mock job interview or simply add an introduction or instructions – just by clicking ReLANpro’s GAP button.


  • gain practice speaking the target language
  • access materials inside and outside the classroom
  • watch or listen to their tutor explaining concepts
  • interact with engaging and up-to-date exercises
  • record at any point in an audio or video file
  • improve listening and written skills with video subtitling
  • compare recordings with the original source
  • receive personalised teacher feedback

The NEW Language Lab

Not only does ReLANpro Cloud & Class work with practically all iOS and Android devices but it also works in any classroom with laptops or computers. Cloud & Class uses the latest in mobile technology so students and teachers can work from anywhere but when you’re all in the same computer classroom the benefits of a traditional language lab are still there. Over Wi-Fi, teachers can use classroom control functionality, intercom, teacher voice broadcasting (“All Call”), student voice broadcasting (“Model Voice”) and student pairing.

Activating and Motivating Teaching

Enhance the learning process by enabling students to have actual conversations in their target language, improve listening and written skills with video subtitling:


  • no preparation time
  • create materials from scratch
  • customise materials you already have
  • see student progress
  • record feedback immediately after student errors for constructive feedback
  • create your own webcam recordings to explain concepts
  • create screen recordings to show students an exercise
  • save money on equipment, IT and maintenance
  • download from the Google Play store or Apple Store

Perfect for schools working with tablets, laptops or computers!

The voice insert function is fast and effective. Give students the opportunity to get verbal practice inside the classroom or from home – all they need is an internet connection!

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